Vega Testing joins modern technological testing with ancient Chinese medicine to create information and reports that a trained Naturopath can use as one of the many tests when treating patients.

What is Vega Testing?

Vega Testing is a powerful and insightful aid for the trained and qualified Naturopaths at Applied Healing.  Along with many other methods and tools, Vega Testing can assist a Naturopath identify the cause of a specific condition.

Vega Machines are not widely known in other practices simply because of the considerable investment and training required.

Vega does have a Therapuetic Goods Association number in Australia, but not as a diagnostic machine.

How does it work?

The Vega machine is based upon homeopathic philosophies of measuring the bodies activity at specific acupuncture points to identify symptoms before they develop into clinical conditions.

Vega Testing was formulated from the findings of Reinholdt Voll in the early 1900s. He discovered that each acupuncture point actually carried an electrical charge that could be measured.  Changes at specific acupuncture points were related to pathology in the organs to which the measuring point belonged.

This methodology has been refined over the following years in Germany also in line with electro-acupuncture research.  Decades of development has resulted in the Vega Machine of today.

How Vega Testing helps you?

At Applied Healing, we use Vega Testing to help find functional disharmony before it manifests clinically as a symptom. This technology is ideal for helping identify deficiencies, organ health, gut problems and allergies.

The associated process is painless and non-invasive.  The test simply requires you to hold a rod in one hand, while the Naturopath uses a stylus on acupuncture points on your other hand.

What can you expect from a Vega test?

Vega Testing produces recommendations regarding health deficiencies and lifestyle. An experienced Naturopath considers these in conjunction with other tests and observations to form a more complete picture of your condition. Certain remedies (if needed) can also result from these tests.

While a brilliant method of uncovering hidden imbalances and dysfunction, it is not a treatment tool.  Rather, this process is an aid for very early detection of conditions even including diseases such as cancer.

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