Remedial Massage can help restore movement and remove the pain of injury.

Why use remedial massage?

Most people have experienced the aches and pains of muscles and related tissue from time-to-time. Whether as a result of some medical condition, movement or a sporting activity or simply poor posture, such injury is restrictive.  Restoring physical and mental health from such an injury may be possible using hands-on remedial massage.

How does remedial massage work?

Results are achieved by applying pressure in a structured, unstructured or stationary way. This pressure can be by moving, with tension, motion or even vibration, either manually or using a machine.

Similarly, the area of application is also varied, but the “strokes” used in the treatment focus upon loosening skin from underlying tissue, breaking down of adhesions and to create elasticity in scar tissue plus much more.  The method is focused upon continuing the movement (reducing stagnation) through the injured site to create better flow through the affected area.

By helping muscles work as they are designed, remedial massage can improve all round health, vitality and performance, both mentally and physically.

Musculo-skeletal injuries in particular respond best to action rather than inaction, making remedial massage ideal for your aching muscles and joints.

But I do not play sport!

While sports can cause serious tissue damage on our bodies, an office worker “tied” to a chair with occasional activity, or even a sedentary lifestyle, can also result in strains due to repetitive movement or poor posture.

As such, remedial massage is not just for active and sports people but also inactive people. Everyone can benefit from pain-free, increased or improved movement of any joints or limbs.  Improved movement aids the healing process in the case of damaged tissue, and can also help improve posture, relaxation and general health.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss your specific needs further in an initial consultation.