Applied Healing offers a natural approach to health and healing.

Naturopathy – What is it?

Naturopathy is based on science, philosophy, a practice of observation, treatment and prevention of illness.  Naturopathy uses a diverse range of tools to achieve wellness.  These include nutrition and other lifestyle recommendations, vitamin and mineral supplementation and eastern and western herbal medicine.  At times even a hands-on approach, such as massage, can be employed.

Where did Naturopathy come from?

Naturopathy is grounded in healing practices created in ancient civilisations of Mesopotamia, Egypt and Greece. During the Middle Ages in Europe, natural healing was the conducted by monks and nuns. These practices were built into a Naturopathic Philosophy in 18th century Germany.  From Germany, Naturopathy spread internationally to become the modern naturopathic medicine of today.

Why consider Naturopathy?

Naturopathy includes many methods and remedies.  These can include nutritional and herbal medicines created from natural ingredients.  Such remedies are not the result of guesswork, but rather the result of well researched and trialed processes involving significant investment of time, effort and money.

The key consideration is that Naturopathy is not a replacement of other medical processes.  Rather is a more gentle approach to the body as a holistic entity.  Specifically, instead of a “pill” to remove a symptom, the approach is to focus upon a rectification of the cause.

Who is a Naturopath?

A qualified Naturopath must complete considerable training that will result in a Bachelor of Health Science Degree, who are then licenced by a related association. Naturopaths are trained to recognise signs and symptoms of presenting problems.

Naturopaths also use specific tests and measurements to assist or confirm a specific treatment plan. These may include hair-analysis, blood-analysis or Vega Testing. Such tools assist creating a correct treatment regime specifically created for you.

Why use Applied Healing?

Applied Healing have been offering Naturopathy services in South Australia since 2003 when Katalin Elmendorp was conferred with a Bachelor of Health Science.  Since then Katalin has developed considerable experience and skills in the treatment of a range of conditions.

Importantly, Applied Healing is one of the few providers in South Australia with an in-house Vega Testing capability.  This technology has proven vital on a number of occasions to assist in the recognition of complex conditions.

If you would like to explore Naturopathic Medicine treatments further with Applied Healing, please contact us for an initial consultation.